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They debuted in 1974 and made it big with albums like "Leftoverture" (1976) and "Point of know return" (1977) and the hit singles "Carry on wayward son" and "Dust in the wind".

In the new millenium, singer Steve Walsh lost interest in making new material, but following his retirement Kansas made a heralded studio comeback with "The prelude implicit" (2016).

Running Wild is one of the most influential and legendary acts in European metal history.

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Germany's first international hard rock stars actually celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2012.

Though in 1962, the Scorpions were obviously just a plaything for schoolboy guitarist Rudolf Schenker.

Ever since these bluesily and funkily grooving (hard) rock titans have ranked among the very elite of mega stars. So when Steven Tyler (vocals), Joe Perry (guitar), Brad Whitford (guitar), Tom Hamilton (bass) och Joey Kramer (drums) return to SRF, it will be for the last time.

It will be emotional indeed when the SRF crowd bids one of their very favorite acts farewell.

The diverse and on the American scene so greatly impacting "Reroute to remain" (2002) and "Come clarity" (2006).

And most recently the atmospheric and alternative-rocking tunes on "Siren charms" (2014) and "Battles" (2016).

The band debuted on record in 1971, with singer Klaus Meine in the lineup.

These two gentlemen form the front duo of the Scorpions to this day.

Now, this issue has been settled: Stephen Pearcy (vocals), Warren De Martini (guitar) och Juan Croucier (bass) own the name Ratt and are now taking the band to Europe for one sole live performance - at SRF. Little Steven, is famous as the guitarist on Bruce Springsteen's best selling albums and as an actor in "The Sopranos".

But he has also had a distinguished music career in his own right.

In 2004 three quarters of postgrunge titans Creed merged with singer Myles Kennedy - the latter now also known from Slash's solo band.

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