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I'm a lot better about not letting it get the best of me.

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Hitting someone else's car -- either intentionally or unintentionally -- often triggers payback.

NASCAR has plenty of drivers who've had screaming matches and physical altercations on the track or along pit road after losing their tempers. Still, Patrick remains among the best at losing it, and she has had some interesting (and unrepentant) things to say about it. Chime in with a comment if we missed any worthy incidents.1.

For evidence, look at the schedules posted by two of the sport’s most popular drivers.

Certainly doesn’t leave much time for yoga, juice cleanses and sponsor recruitment.

Furthermore, these schedules might be more tolerable if the lunch breaks were, you know, longer than 18 minutes.

The visuals were not as good as this laugh-out-loud video of her at Michigan in 2006 pounding her steering wheel in angst and then getting out on the track and literally stomping around like she was trying to kill a horde of fire ants before they got inside her jump suit. But in Saturday's incident with Earnhardt, complaining to her crew wasn't enough for Patrick.

As this video shows, she's got a strong oeuvre of blame-the-car moments too. She also retaliated against Earnhardt by bumping his car as she drove her hobbled vehicle onto pit lane, and he responded by cutting her off.

Temper outbursts in auto racing aren't unique to Patrick.

As such, Cassill had it coming."At some point in time, I have to stand up for myself, or everybody's going to do it," she told reporters. revealed they were dating in January 2013, a lot was made of what might happen if they ever wrecked or had to battle hard in races. Patrick and Stenhouse have so far been involved in three incidents, and they were publicly philosophical about two of them: a July 2013 pileup that Patrick started at New Hampshire that swept up Stenhouse, and a September 2014 incident late in a race at Chicagoland Speedway.

After the New Hampshire incident, Stenhouse told reporters there were no hard feelings: "It is just part of it.

Mixing it up with racing royalty: Saturday's meltdown has vaulted into the lead for a lot of reasons.

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