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These things happen.” There’s just some kind of awkwardness that I want to convey, so hopefully I’ll be able to do that, in the future.Back in the Day is now playing in theaters and on VOD.

At the film’s press day, actor/filmmaker Michael Rosenbaum spoke to Collider for this exclusive interview about what started him down the road for this film, how directing an episode of Smallville was a great trial run, having to write for your budget, how he got this great cast together, how much improvisation they did, keeping track of his own performance while he was directing, changing the ending, editing the film down from a two hours and 20 minute assembly cut, and what he’d like to do next. You’re always telling me these crazy stories, so write it! ” So, they let me direct an episode, and I was like, “Oh, my god, I love this! They’re big directors and they said, “Tell the story. I’m an actor, so it’s easier for me to talk to actors. When you wrote this, did you know you’d also be directing it? Then, we were finished and we were in the editing room, and I was like, “Wait, there’s some funny stuff here, and this actually looks like a real movie.” The one thing I didn’t want to do was make an arthouse movie. I was blessed, but I was lucky that they all did it.

” So, I wrote a whole bunch of short stories about growing up, and then I gave it to her. ,” and I was like, “Yeah.” She said, “You need to write this. ” And then, I directed a short, produced another short, and wrote this and that. But, I felt that I really got great performances, and I thought, “Okay, I can do this.” We had nobody. A lot of times, people think directing is how you can move a camera and how you can make big explosions. Did you think about that while you were writing it, at all? You have to go, “Okay, I want to do a stunt scene driving.” I wrote this scene where a truck jumps off into the cornfield and busts through a billboard that’s my face with a big thumbs up, but I couldn’t afford that. I love them, but I didn’t want this to just show at a small theater. It seems like a movie like this would have a lot of improvisation, but when you’re on such a tight schedule with such a tight budget, can you even allow for that? It would be a disservice to not let these gifts in the improvisational world not to improvise.

I think being a good leader is knowing what you want, having professional people around you, who are fun to work with, and know your taste and what you want. A lot of these big directors work with the same people, for years on end. Sometimes I think I write really well, but sometimes I don’t. If I can get the rights to it, I’m gonna direct it. I like if they can give me the freedom to add things to it and take things away. I can’t really tell you anything about that right now ‘cause everyone steals in this business.

Do you see yourself directing scripts that you haven’t written? I’d love to direct my own stuff, but a lot of my stuff isn’t as good as most people’s stuff. But, it will have a bigger budget with more days off. There’s also a camp movie that I wrote, and another movie that I won’t talk about.

Then, I decided that I was going to direct a movie. It was loosely based on a lot of stories that happened when I was growing up. I wanted people to go, “This looks like it could be a studio movie.” And I give that credit to my D. As little time as we had, I always said, “Take one, say it how it’s written.

I’ve seen a lot of people do it who can’t, and I’ve seen a lot of people who really can, so I decided to give it a shot. Somehow you get a movie made, which is a miracle, on its own. Did directing an episode of Smallville really help you with directing a movie? But, you’ve gotta remember that Smallville had millions of dollars in the budget, an infrastructure, a special effects department, a stunt department, a make-up department, and a hair department. Once we get that, let’s play with it.” And I’m acting in those scenes, too.

While too much time is spent on drawn-out arguments between Shepard and his significant other (in the film and, apparently, in real life, played by Kristen Bell) and there's some negative dialogue regarding homosexuality and race (note to Shepard: acknowledging homophobia and racism in the dialogue doesn't simply make it permissible) it's not a bad way to kill a couple of hours.

Shepard must be a really popular guy in Hollywood because a lot of the performers (high among them Bradley Cooper) would not normally appear in a movie this B-grade.

Sometimes in order to move forward, you have to go back. His wacky adventures with his old high-school buddies are hysterical.

And in this raunchy comedy, Jim Owens does just that when he heads home for his high school reunion. It is a throwback to the classic 80's comedies like "Caddyshack" and "Animal House".

But, I was at ease because I was so worried about everything else that I forgot. ” Every once in awhile, she’d say, “You could use a little more energy.” And I trusted her because she’s done 30 movies. I knew that the key was to shoot as much footage as I could, keep rolling and get the moments. ROSENBAUM: It was easy, but there was a lot of great stuff that got cut. He was hilarious in the movie, but I ended up cutting him out. You can cut stuff like you don’t care if it’s you.” I was like, “If it’s not funny, it’s not making the movie.

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