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Alas, in the most important debate of them all, the one on which the very existence of human life on this planet depended, calmer heads did not prevail—not in time anyway.

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By examining those columns of ice we were extracting from Antarctica, I hoped to understand far more about our own era of global warming. In every previous cycle, the Earth had regulated itself.

Then we humans came along and started fiddling with the global thermostat.

Geologic time would, of course, go marching on, just not for us.

The four-year term of Donald Trump proved such a disaster that a chastened nation, instead of christening public buildings after the disgraced president, bestowed his name on the devastating, climate change–energized hurricane that struck the country’s East Coast in 2022.

We underestimated the legitimate anger and despair of large sections of the country—as well as the other darker motivations much discussed in the years since.

“Remember, Rachel,” my ex-husband used to say, “: Man is wolf to man.” I criticized him for slandering the poor wolf, but he was right.

But in that era of fake news and rampant conspiracy theories, climate change proved to be just one more “debatable” topic.

In the past, at comparable moments, wisdom had eventually won out over wrongheadedness, whether the shape of the world or the position of Earth in the universe was in question.

Since I take the long view, I know that time can march backward. For nearly 200 million years, they prospered in their aquatic world.

They probably thought—if they thought at all—that such longevity guaranteed them eternal life on this planet.

The election would change all that, setting in motion the events that ultimately inspired his seminal bestseller, , which, as you no doubt remember, was published in 2020 and predicted—with considerable accuracy—the broke-down, shattered world all of us now live in.

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